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You're invited to be our guest at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC! It would be our pleasure to have you join with us as we exalt Christ. As we join together we desire to minister God's grace through God's Word, in prayer, and through fellowship with others. We meet at 37 Pinckney Street, in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. (directions)

GBF - Radical Mentoring


GBF Radical Mentoring 


Radical Mentoring Overview

Group Mentoring

Mentors pick a group (3-8) of guys that are a couple seasons of life behind them and mentor them for 9-12 months. The group gets together once-a-month for three hours and for one or two retreats.  

Read a Book

In between the once-a-month meetings, the mentor assigns a book that all of the guys read. They write a one-page net out of what they learned and bring it to the next session.

Memorize a Verse

Between sessions, the mentees are assigned 1-2 verses of scripture to memorize. They must come to the next meeting prepared to recite the verses from memory.

Growth Assignment

Each month a homework assignment is given to the mentees to complete and come ready to report on their results at the next meeting. Assignments are designed to help the men become better followers of Christ, husbands, fathers and leaders.


Through the shared pursuit of becoming a fully alive man, living a God-centric life, strong community develops between the mentees as learn how to build accountability through closeness.


6 Qualities of a Good Mentee

1. Potential leaders Men who have the potential to be leaders and influencers but aren’t quite there yet.

2. Objective Men who are willing to take direct, pervasive feedback without being defensive.

3. Malleable Men who will look themselves in the mirror and make changes to improve.

4. Humble Men who are humble, broken and express a hunger for personal growth.

5. Committed Jesus-followers Men who have a relationship with Jesus, or at least that think they do. We’re not looking for seekers or non-believers.

6. Willing to pay it forward Men who will commit to leverage their life experience to influence other guys.



The meetings aren’t optional . . . the group will settle on a schedule and stick to it. A premium is placed on timeliness, preparation and respect for everyone else in the group. We can almost assure you that you will have to make some tough business and family decisions in order to honor your commitment to your mentor and to the group and be at each meeting . . . and be there on time.

If you are involved in graduate studies, or already overextended in other commitments, then you probably would be well served to pass on this opportunity. Although not onerous, the requirements are consistent and they will take focused time, both to attend the sessions and to do the reading and memory work.

The cost of the materials and books is will be picked up by the church. You’ll be expected to pay your fair share of the retreat costs (expected to be food and recreation only), although those plans are not yet final. 

If you are selected into Radical Mentoring, you will be invited to the Kickoff Meeting, which is tentatively scheduled for September 6, 2018. Attendance on at the Kickoff Meeting is a non-negotiable requirement, since the calendar for the year will be set at that time. If you cannot attend the kickoff, you will not be able to participate this mentoring season.

So, here’s the drill. Really think about this . . . pray about it . . . talk to your wife. If you are lukewarm, don’t pursue it. You will be taking a slot that someone else might really want and need. It's ok if this isn't the right season for you. There will be other opportunities. 

If you conclude that you are interested, then you need to fill out the application and email it to me at 

The cutoff date for applications is June 18, so please respond promptly once you’ve determined your interest.

Regardless of your decision, your church is proud to have you in its ranks. Thanks for considering this opportunity. Let me know if you have any questions.