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37 Pinckney Street
Greenville, SC, 29601
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You're invited to be our guest at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC! It would be our pleasure to have you join with us as we exalt Christ. As we join together we desire to minister God's grace through God's Word, in prayer, and through fellowship with others. We meet at 37 Pinckney Street, in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. (directions)



Pathways of Service 

Thanks for visiting the page. We are collecting a listing of opportunities to serve. We are calling these opportunities Pathways to Service.

It is my burden that we know and have access to the opportunities that God has opened up for us and for each of us be involved using the gifts that God has provided.

So, would you help us out by listing ministry opportunities with which you are involved? These can be internal to GBF or external to the community around us. Mark Clements is helping to collect and to categorize the information. He may reach out to you via email or phone to get more information. 



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Is this ministry focused internally for the GBF body, or does it have an outward focus to the community? We want to include opportunities that encourage the GBF family as well as our community
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Give us an overview of the target audience, opportunities, location, etc.