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37 Pinckney Street
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You're invited to be our guest at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC! It would be our pleasure to have you join with us as we exalt Christ. As we join together we desire to minister God's grace through God's Word, in prayer, and through fellowship with others. We meet at 37 Pinckney Street, in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. (directions)



Questions series: Resource Guide

Books — General

Can Man Live Without God - Ravi Zacharias
Copyright 1994 by Ravi Zacharias. Word Publishing

The Problem of God - Mark Clark
Clark, Mark. The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptic’s Challenges to Christianity. Zondervan.

The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) 
Copyright 2010 by Mark Mittelberg Tyndale

Big Book of Bible Difficulties - Norman Geisler & Thomas Howe.
Baker Books, 2008

New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties -
Gleason Archer. Zondervan, 2001

Can we trust the Bible?

Hard Evidence for a Supernatural Book - Dan Olinger


Vody Baucham - Why I choose to believe the Bible. (YouTube - there are several videos of him speaking on the subject.)

Is Jesus a Myth?

Jesus - Evidence from non-christian sources

Gary Habermas

Review of The Christ Conspiracy



How to study the Psalms - click here for the PDF