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22 Graves Drive
Greenville, SC 29609


You're invited to be our guest at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC! It would be our pleasure to have you join with us as we exalt Christ. As we join together we desire to minister God's grace through God's Word, in prayer, and through fellowship with others. We meet at the Saw Mill at North Main in Greenville, SC (22 Graves Drive, Greenville, SC 29609)



We invite you to be our guest at Grace Baptist Fellowship. Join us as we tell the story of God's grace through Jesus. We meet at the Saw Mill just off Main Street in Greenville.

Stories of God’s Grace

The story of grace begins with Jesus, Who bridged the gap between us and God. So, everything we do is about Jesus.


Grace Baptist Fellowship is a body of believers in Greenville, SC. People of all ages, and backgrounds make up our church family.

We desire to be and tell the stories of His grace. Join us as we spread His fame, journey to know Him deeper and become more like Him.


Featured Content


Remember these things

Sunday mornings we're studying the book of 2 Peter. The Apostle Peter is nearing the end of his life and wants to remind the reader of a few things. This study is about growing as a Christian and dealing with those who call themselves Christians but teach something other than the Bible.

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In Jesus' Name

On Sunday evenings we're studying the growth of the early church through Acts.

Just why and how did a small handful of people turn the world upside down? 

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Coming Events

12/21 10:30 am - Christmas series: His Name Shall be Called -- Eternal Father